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Raw 4 Paws ® – Our Trusted Supplier

A natural biologically appropriate raw food for dogs

How much Raw 4 Paws ® should I feed my dog every day?

A healthy adult dog needs to be fed about 2%-3% of their current body weight per day or if overweight then 2% of their desired bodyweight per day (feed 5% of current bodyweight per day for puppies under 4 months or 2-3% of the breed’s average adult bodyweight if over 4 months)

  • Smaller breed dogs generally burn more calories for their weight than larger breeds and have a faster metabolism so they will usually start at 3% of bodyweight per day. If you have a sedentary old dog 2% will be a good starting point

  • Monitor your dog’s weight and adjust up or down accordingly to maintain a constant healthy body weight
  • Some adult dogs thrive one meal per day and others do better on two meals per day.

  • Puppies up until 6 months need 3 meals per day. Puppies 6-12 months require 2 meals per day. It is important for their bone growth and development especially while they are cutting teeth to make sure puppies are never underweight.

Raw 4 Paws ® Food Calculator


The above calculator is per DAY, NOT per MEAL and is an approximate guide based on the dog being in healthy weight range. It is a good starting point.

Raw 4 Paws ® Recipe Guide

For most adult dogs and puppies we recommend to rotate one or more of the Raw 4 Paws ® poultry recipes (chicken or turkey) with one or more of the ruminant recipes (Beef, Lamb or Roo). This ensures a healthy balance over time of the various vitamins and minerals that each of the meat recipes offers.


  • Chicken is suitable for all life stages
  • Raw 4 Paws ® chicken is the best starting point for dogs and puppies switching to raw

  • Chicken is an excellent “all-rounder” and our most popular flavour as well as being the most economical

  • Chicken is a white meat, making it a powerful anti-inflammatory so is suitable for dogs suffering from arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease or inflammation of the skin or joints


  • Turkey is suitable for all life stages
  • Turkey is a superb alternative white meat. The recipe is leaner than the chicken recipe and features all the properties of chicken making it also an excellent allergy free diet
  • Turkey is the ideal choice where a dog has a particular allergy to chicken
  • We have found that dogs with fussier appetites enjoy the Raw 4 Paws ® turkey flavour
  • Raw 4 Paws ® Turkey recipe is a little leaner than chicken and the recipe includes ground raw turkey bone


  • Lamb is suitable for all life stages
  • Australian Lamb is free range pasture raised so is chemical free, grass fed and antibiotic free

  • Lamb can be fine for some dogs with mild skin conditions but not where serious skin conditions are present. Lamb is a red meat and as such it heats the blood so for dogs that need cooling foods where they have excessive heating in the liver, lamb is not a suitable choice

  • Lamb meat is NOT recommended in instances of pancreatitis, liver disease or where dogs have difficulty metabolising fats or for dogs who have a particular allergy to lamb meat, lamb bones or lamb fat


  • Kangaroo is wild game that is organic by nature, and free from contaminants. Roo is the leanest of all the meats containing virtually no fat and is also the highest source of protein and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (naturally occurring anti-cancer fatty acid). Roo is the ideal choice for dogs that are obese or mildly overweight and for dogs suffering from pancreatitis, cancer or liver disease because there is minimal fat (2%) to metabolise

  • However, the low fat content makes kangaroo NOT suitable as the sole diet for young dogs or growing puppies, or pregnant or lactating mothers who require a higher fat content in their diet

  • We recommend for overweight dogs to feed roo exclusively until the desired weight loss is achieved and then a switch to other flavours to ensure overall balanced healthy weight management


  • Suitable for healthy adult dogs and puppies
  • Beef is an excellent choice for very active dogs such as racing greyhounds, growing puppies, working or agility dogs and farm dogs that are free of any health complaints
  • Beef is a rich source of iron and excellent for dogs suffering from anaemia
  • However, Beef is a red meat and, as such, heats the blood and can promote inflammation, so for dogs experiencing any joint inflammation or degenerative condition (i.e.arthritis or cancer) or any skin inflammatory conditions or itchiness then beef is usually NOT suitable
  • We recommend to AVOID any food containing beef offal, beef bones or red meat in cases of joint and skin inflammatory conditions or degenerative diseases

Raw 4 Paws ® Ingredients Guide

– Leaner cuts of Australian meat is used. Free range meats are selected where possible. Each flavour only contains meat, bone and organs from the one protein source. All meat is sourced fresh only from Australian human consumption facilities.
15% of the recipe includes market fresh locally sourced produce including celery, leafy greens such a spinach, and carrot. Loaded with natural real vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. Although fruit and veges are a lower priority for a wild carnivorous diet, they still play an important role for our domesticated dogs with regards to antioxidants required to help them deal with free radicals in the body caused by toxins in our environment. ie vaccination, chemicals in processed pet food, flea and tick treatment, shampoos, household cleaners, pesticides. These are all environmental poisons that their wild ancestors never had to worry about.
Less than 5 % of the recipe is made up of fresh seasonal fruit such as apples and pears including skins sourced at local markets. The skins are an excellent source of non-soluble fibre while the pulp provides the necessary soluble fibre. Perfectly balanced by nature for a healthy GI tract as well as rich in live enzymes, anti-oxidants and essential vitamins in their purest form.
An ideal source of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, as well as naturally occurring fat soluble vitamins A and Vitamin D. Oil sourced from cold water fish is the only source of these long chain fatty acids EPA and DHA, a fragile fatty acid that dogs need for healthy functioning cells.
A rich source of Medium Chain Triglycerides with anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Improves digestion and nutrient absorption. Regulates and balances insulin. Aids in arthritis or ligament problems. Reduces allergic reactions improving all skin conditions including yeast infections and hot spots. Helps with weight control. Eliminates bad breath and doggy odour.
Kelp is an excellent source of vitamin K, folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), pantothenic acid, iodine, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc as well as being a source of Omega 3 & 6. It may aid in a healthy coat, colour and vitality.

Chia Seeds

Chia has 3 times the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids as salmon! Omega-3 is important to balance out Omega-6 fatty acids and promotes healthy:

• Cells
• Immune system
• Skin and coat
• Joints
• Brain development and maintenance
• Eye development and maintenance
• Growth

And it reduces inflammation too. Two tablespoons of chia seeds provide a 3 to 1 ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6. fatty acids

Chia contains more calcium than whole milk, more iron than raw spinach and more magnesium than broccoli.   Chia is non-allergenic too and an excellent source of phosphorus, potassium, copper, iron and zinc.