HAMPL PICA 100ml AN273


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Product Description

  • Behaviour (PICA) eating, licking non edible objects – all species

    Pets eating or often licking non edible foods, objects.

  • For all species (dogs more common)
  • It is called “pica”.  Desiring, craving for unusual things.
  • Support from Iron absorption issues, anemia (pica)

Non Drug Prescription

HAMPL PICA 273 30ml (1oz) 
Contains homeopathic, tissue salts complex: Abies Cana 12X, 30C, 200C, CM with tissue salts Ferr Phos (iron absorption support) 4X, 12C, 200C, Nat Phos 6C, MM, Calc Phos 6X, 50M, Nat Mur 6X, HAMPL Acidity Balance 271 formula.

Apply drops to body or to meals.

Set of 1

HAMPL pica 273   50ml (1.7oz)
Also recommended for use with this formula is Remyte Minerals Supplement and for Poop eating this formula is recommended Poop Eating Copraphagia


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