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Liver enzyme formula – for high enzymes, cirrhosis,hepatic lipidosis, cholangitis

  • Cholangitis (inflammation of bile duct in liver)
  • Babesiosis infection in canines.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver & Red Blood cells support
  • Hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver) overload of toxins.

Our pets are exposed to many toxic compounds, which may not produce an immediate effect, but do assault the liver. As it appears to be so for humans routine liver detoxification is recommended and may be very beneficial for our dogs or cats.

Acute or Chronic Hepatic conditions

Drugs can save lives, however for longer term or continual improvement the use of drugs can cause liver damages or inlfamed liver (hepatitis).

NOTE: Liver Disease pets must avoid toxic chemical drugs and products like: heart worm, wormers, vaccines, aesthetic, and even chemical processed foods and treats.

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HAMPL LivDetox36 50ml (1.7oz.)

Non Drug Prescriptions


HAMPL LivDetox 36  50ml(1.7oz.) 
Contains homeopathic, nosode, sarocde complex: Natrum nosode 12X, 30X (helps assimilate Iron), Muco-Toxin nosode 10M, Chelidonium (spleen support), Solidago,Taxacum 30C, 10M (jaundice), Carduus Mar, Berberis Vulg, Kali Car, Nux Vom, Cich Int, Iris Vers, Arctium Lap (Burdock), Crotalus Hor 200C, Lycopodium, with the Liver Bile Duct nosode, Merc Sol 12X, CM (anemia, liver enlarged, jaundice), Cuprum Met (for cramps or spasms).
Homeopathic Sarcodes of the:   Liver, Spleen, Lymph gland 6X, Liver Bile sarcode 6X, Liver Gallbladder sarcode 6X, with tissue salts Nat Phos, (NAR) Red Blood Cell stimulant formula, Nat Mur, Flor di Piedro (liver detox), Ptelea 6C, 30C (liver), Ferr Met 30X,30C, Merc Sol 12X, CM (anemia, liver enlarged, jaundice), Erythropoietin (EPO) 1X, 6X, 10M (produces red blood cells), (NV) Hemoglobin formula 12X, 30X,Mag Phos 12C, 10M (cramping), Taraxacum 30C,10M, (jaundice), Hepatica nosode 30X, 50M, MM (from overload of toxins), Bryonia alb 200C (jaundice, nephritis), Bone Marrow nosode 6X, 12C, Streptococcinum bacteria nosode 12X, 50M, TNT nosode 6X, 30C, 200C (anemia, breathlessness), Ferr Phos 3X, 6C 50M (red blood cells production) Hepatic lipidosis (known as fatty liver) overload of toxins. Cirrhosis of the liver (cirrhosis is scar tissue damages in the liver). For scarring of the tissue also use in conjunction the HAMPL Scar tissue drops.

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