HAMPL Diarrhoea AN082


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HAMPL Diarrhea 82 30ml (1oz)
Contains homeopathic, sarcode, organo, nosode complex: Aesthusia, Aloe, Gartner bacteria nosode 50M, Arg Nit, Bacilli Coli nosode, Croton Tig, Kali Phos, Giardia nosode 30C, Veratrum Alb 30C,1M, (NAR) Gastro Mix 30C,10M, with Clostridium Perfringens nosode 30X, 200C, 10M (diarrhea, hemorrhagic diarrhea – prevent or solution), Coronia Virus Nosode 30C, Ferr Phos 10M, Dulc. With organotherapy – Small and Large Intestines sarcode 6X, 1M, 10M, Colon sarcode 12C.


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