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Rheumatic and arthritic pain in your Pet The animal will show an improvement in mobility and comfort with continued use.This formula is a safe and healthy alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs. Often seen is Arthritis or Rheumatism and Septic Arthritis conditions in all animal species and ages.  IncludingEnterobacter cloacae bacteria which this bacteria's responsible for bacteremia, endocarditis, osteomyelitis, septic arthritis as well as infections in the skin, respiratory tract and urinary tract. Sometimes we need to use in conjunction with the homeopathic Arthritic formula a antibiotic, we offer the HAMPL Infection Fighter 71 50ml, which is a wonderfully potent HERBAL ANTIBIOTIC.   It may only be needed initally, to help clear chronic or acute underlying infections in body. If there is also a "Herniated or prolapsed disc" of the spine then use these formulas in conjunction with the homeopathic the:HAMPL Interverta Disc 92 formula drops  or  if a much stronger formula is required look at using the homeopathic complex HAMPL Spine 164 formula (damage or degeneration).  Often long standing or injuries can be a combination of issues and damages. The majority of inflammatory diseases start in your (and your pets) "gut" We highly recommend a probiotic such as PPD Pre-Probiotic Digestive Allergy Free PET DOSAGE:  Add a pinch in meals for cats, toy dog and other small animals. Half powder from capsule for small to med canines and full cap of powder for large canines. If takes approx. 2 months of the Probiotic to repair the "gut" fully. Did you know that vaccinations severely deplete a animal of vitamin C Vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory – inflammation and swelling.  This is an important since most pain from acute injuries and chronic muscle, bone and joint pain results from inflammation. In addition, Vitamin C also stimulates collagen growth. Collagen forms the connective tissue cushion between joints. This cushion is the tissue that is eroded in dogs who have arthritis and other degenerative joint disorders. The collagen must be healed and regrown in order for your dog to regain her mobility and to experience long-term pain relief. By stimulating the growth of collagen, Vitamin C encourages joint tissue, restoring the cushion between joints. This is important for dogs who have arthritis, hip dysplasia and other conditions that damage the cartilage between the joints.


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