HAMPL Allergen Immune Meat protein, dairy products, food AN061


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A natural non drug formula that works on boosting the immune system to have a less allergy reactions a large variety of foods and dairy products using allergen nosodes.

“For all species and ages.

  • For any type of food allergy reactions for all species
  • This can be even with home prepared natural diet meals.
  • Boost immunity to all meat and dairy products reactions.
  • For all species and age.

Non Drug Prescriptions

HAMPL Allergen Immune 61 30ml (1oz)
Contains homeopathic nosode made from specific food groups: chicken nosode, beef nosode, Veal nosode, pork, all dairy foods and homeopathic Urtica Urens and Lymph sarcode 30C, with homeopathic Histamine 50M (allergies, headache, fever, shivering, asthma, bronchitis)


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